The Operator is responsible for the fact that when the Buyer takes over the goods it is without any defects and in accordance with the purchase contract.

Neither the Operator nor the Seller are liable for defects resulting from improper installation or other unprofessional handling of the goods.

The Buyer does not have the right of defective performance in the event that he/she knew about the defect during the takeover or if he/she were the ones to cause it.

In case the Buyer takes over goods that have been damaged during transportation (the shipment was damaged), the complaint will be resolved directly with the Carrier. The Buyer should take pictures of the damages so that they are apparent in the photos and send them to the email address In case the damages were caused during transportation, the Buyer does not send the goods back to the Operator (see Section 6.7 of the Terms and Conditions).

The buyer is entitled to claim the right of defect of the goods within the statutory time, i.e. 24 months following the receipt of the goods. This warranty does not apply to wear and tear caused by common use.

The Buyer is obliged to file a claim immediately after he/she discovers the defect and send the properly packaged goods to the address of the Operator: Art Jungle ltd., Prague 2 - Vinohrady, Sarajevská 1016/8, postcode 120 00. The Buyer will enclose a copy of the invoice.

The Buyer is responsible for the cost of transportation of the claimed goods. If the Buyer returns the goods by post, he is obliged to insure the consignment to the same extent as when it was being delivered to him. The Buyer is obligated to properly pack the Artwork according to the Wrapping Instructions in the appendix of the Business Terms and Conditions.

Complaints will be handled by the Operator within a 30-day statutory time limit. If the goods cannot be repaired or replaced due to their unique nature, the Operator will return the Final Price to the Purchaser's account.

The Operator will inform the Buyer using his email address listed on the order about the means by which the claim was handled.

Withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement by the Buyer - customer

The buyer, having the status of a consumer, has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without giving any reason and without any sanctions within the period of 14 days following the delivery of the goods. In such cases, the Buyer shall bear the cost of returning the goods.

If the artwork is being returned, the Buyer is obliged to pack it in such a way as to avoid any damages during transportation, at least in the manner in which they were delivered to him (see Instructions for packaging of the work in appendix no.1 of the Terms and Conditions). The Operator only accepts undamaged and complete works.

The Buyer will send the properly packaged goods to the address of the Operator: Prague 2 - Vinohrady, Sarajevská 1016/8, Post Code 120 00. A copy of the invoice must be attached to the goods. Returned goods cannot be sent by cash on delivery. The Purchase price will be returned to the Buyer's account within the period of 14 days following the withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement.

A Buyer who is not a consumer is entitled to withdraw from the contract only for legitimate reasons.