The goods are shipped via these carriers:

TNT Express Worldwide ltd., Company registration number: 15888959,
Direct Parcel Distribution CZ ltd., Company registration number: 61329266

  • Postal charge is calculated based on the weight and size of the artwork
  • All packages are sent directly from the artist's studio. That is why it is not possible to merge postal fees.
  • Shipping within the Czech Republic takes up to 10 days after the payment for the artwork was received (unless the work is made on order, then the shipping time is extended by the time needed for completion of the work. Such additional information is listed in the description of the artwork).
  • Europe delivery time is 14 days after we receive the payment. The delivery time to all other countries is 21 days.
  • All shipments are insured.
  • Free shipping in the Czech Republic for artworks worth more than 2000 CZK.

Shopping prices:

Small artworks: in CZ 99 CZK/ EU 500 CZK

  • Works up to A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm)
  • Works on paper up to A2 size (42 x 59.4 cm) without a frame

Middle size artworks: in CZ 199 CZK/ EU 1500 CZK

  • Artworks from the size A2 up to 120 cm (length of the longest side)

Big artworks: in CZ 299 CZK / EU 2500 CZK

  • From 121 cm up to 190 cm (length of the longest side)

Larger artworks: custom pricing

  • More than 190cm (length of the longest side)

Shipping policy

1. Artworks worth more than 2 000 CZK shipped within the Czech Republic are free of charge. All other artworks worth less than 2 000 CZK or with a delivery abroad are subjected to a postal charge according to the price list

2. The Carrier (TNT Express Worldwide ltd., Company registration number: 15888959, Direct Parcel Distribution CZ ltd., Company registration number: 61329266) will deliver the goods to the Buyer within the next 10 working days following the receipt of the final payment by the Operator.

3. The Operator is not responsible for any damages (damages to the goods, delayed delivery to the address of the Buyer) that were caused by breaching of duty on the side of the Carrier while delivering the goods to the Buyer. The goods transported are insured according to the conditions of the Carrier.

4. In the event that the goods are transported by any other means than via the Carrier and the process specified in Article 5 in the Terms and Conditions, the Buyer shall take responsibility for all costs of such a transportation (self transportation). Neither the Operator, nor the Seller are responsible for the shipped goods after its proper handover to the carrier selected by the Buyer.

5. In the event that the goods have to be delivered repeatedly on account of the Buyer or in a different manner than listed on the order, the Buyer is obliged to pay any costs associated with the repeated delivery of the artwork or the costs resulting from the different means of delivery.

6. In the event of a visible damage to the goods upon its delivery, the customer is required to report such condition and the extension of the damage immediately to the courier who is delivering the shipment and describe it in the “delivery note” or “record of damage” that the courier has available. The customer is also obliged to inform us of this event immediately via the email address Reclaim of the order is executed by Arts Jungle lts. as the payer.

Packaging instructions in the event of the return of the artwork:

1. Check the integrity of the artwork.

2. Wrap the artwork at least twice, ideally in bubble wrap, and pay special attention to the area around corners.

3. For flat artworks such as a painting, add a cardboard to both sides of the painting.

4. Make sure that the packaging is solid enough so that any bending during transportation is avoided.

5. Secure the whole package using adhesive tape.

6. Make sure that everything fits together well - the contains of the package must be fixed in order to avoid any movements inside of the package.

7. Place a “fragile” sticker on the back and front side of the package or mark the package using said word.

8. Pass the package onto the courier

9. In case the artwork has any atypical shape that cannot be packed according to the instructions above, please, pack the artwork in the most suitable way in order to avoid any damage during transportation.

Thank you for your cooperation! Origoo