Would you like to write articles for Origoo magazine?

Do you live for art and culture? Would you like to write about it and share your passion with others? Join our team of bloggers!

What do we need from you:
  • CV
  • short article as an example (in case we will cooperate this article will be paid)
How should the article look like and how much you will get?
  • article with 2 standard pages (3 600 characters) including:
    • - lead paragraph (2-5 sentences of an introductory text which shows briefly what is the text about and catches reader's attention)
    • - pictures, min. 1000 px lower edge
    • - captions with link for picture's source
  • topic of article is up to you, but we have to confirm it first (our magazine covers wide spectrum of cultural topics from contemporary art, music, theatre, art history, architecture etc.)
  • if you would like to cooperate, we will send you more info
  • write us on hello@origoo.cz and attach everything as stated above