Artwork In the sea of melancholy main picture

Cyril Zikuška

In the sea of melancholy


80 x 80 cm

Acrylic paint, aquarelle and fabric on canvas.

7 000 Kč

Delivery within 10 days for Czech Republic.

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Cyril Zikuška

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Cyril Zikuška ranks among the most distinctive personalities of the youngest generation of contemporary art painters. As a student of multimedia production
he has done quite a bit of work in commonly used graphics programs, following the abstract nature of these techniques, he directed his attention to classical art techniques. He started to work with unprecedentedly wide spectrum of combined drawing and painting techniques, large-format painting, progressive clothing design, etc.
Despite his youth, he has become an fast-paced object of both laymen and professional interest as well as progressive private galleries and creative institutions.
Text: Mgr. Libor Sigmund

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