Artwork Untitled (series Die Klassizistischen Strukturen) main picture
Artwork Untitled (series Die Klassizistischen Strukturen) other picture

Martina Smutná

Untitled (series Die Klassizistischen Strukturen)


110 x 130 cm

Combined technique on canvas - collage, Indian ink.

40 500 Kč

Delivery within 10 days for Czech Republic.

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Martina Smutná

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*1989, Kyjov

My work is generally based on my practice as a painter and as a feminist. I returned to painting after working with ceramics and-objects based installations in order to better describe relationships at the basis of the conditions for this type of practice. To me, the conscious reproduction of the painterly gesture is a comfortable commentary on the digitally-molded present. The purpose, it seems, is not in depth exploration of singularities but to be as universal as possible, with the universality seems to be manifested by men painters, while women painters are given adjectives, such as “woman”.  Women painters are historically understood as lagging behind, unable to disengage from commenting on contemporary womanhood. This fact has always affected and continues to disrupt my process, I work with depicting female figures – does that make my work more feminine?

I ask how the notion of “women’s art” or “women’s painting” is constructed.

In the broader sense of the word, my work attempts to problematize the position of painting in today’s de-politicized art world

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