Artwork Extinction - Reveal the Future IV. main picture

Patrik Kriššák

Extinction - Reveal the Future IV.


150 x 100 cm

oil and glitter on canvas



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Patrik Kriššák

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*1986, Kežmarok

Patrik Kriššák (*1986) develops experimental painting techniques - applying paint from containers directly to the canvas in a horizontal position. An important topic is information technologies that influence the visual art form. His work develops more levels of thought and thus touches on the whole painting polarity from portraits to semiotic abstraction. He lives and works in Prague.


Patrik Kriššák is a generation Y Slovak artist, born in former Czechoslovakia. In 2011 he completed his studies at the University of Ostrava, in the studio of Painting I, under prof. Daniel Balabán. Since 2011 he has been living and working in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2011 he was nominated for the Austrian STRABAG Art Award, and in the same year, award nominations followed in the Czech Republic, namely the Start Point Prize 2011, and the Critics Award for Young Painters and its successor, in 2012. In 2015 he participated in the prestigious exhibition, Zlín Youth Salon A.i.R., Wroclaw. In 2019, he was a VUB Foundation finalist in the Painting of the Year competition in Slovakia. Krissak's work is experimental, his technique is paintbrush paintings and thus does not only utilize modernist traditions that began in America in the 1960s, but also embraces current trends influenced by information technology and new media, the so-called "Post-digital age", in terms of experience with computers and graphics programs, available on every mobile device. The basis of painting is contact with the material. In vials, he mixes colors to a consistent density, which he then applies to the canvas, where the strokes create the color footprint of the painting. This technique marks a minimalist disposition which focuses on the gesture itself in abstract compositions. In his work we find various genres such as portraits, abstract automatism focused on exploring color, as well as the individual "still life" in the form of animals, or plants in a pot, doomed to human society.

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