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Tomáš Zumr

Narcis Triptych_2


54 x 24 cm

Triptych - (3x 18 x 24 cm from sales edition 10 pieces)

black and white analogue photo, 6x7 roll film
author's enlargement - bromo silver photo / dark print - ilford 
sales edition 30 pcs (18x24)

delivery: 3 weeks


35 000 Kč

Delivery within 10 days for Czech Republic.

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Tomáš Zumr

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*1980, Havlíčkův Brod

Conceptual photography with up-to-date social themes and historical links combined with traditional techniques of classical photography, as well as technical and intellectual experiments. In this way, it is possible to characterize experimental, but also the traditional work of the author, who uses different style techniques and conceptual strategies for his projects. Part of the author's work aren't only photographic projects, but also curatorial cooperation on exhibitions and theoretical writing dealing with the question of finding the imaginary boundary between truth and lies, the boundary between subjectivity and objectivity in photography.

In the last two projects that are freely related - Narcissus, 2016-2017 and Blue Death, 2018 he deals with the topic of virtual reality research. It deals with the classic form of portrait, antique pre-painting, still life, abstraction and presentation of the synthetic programmable world as a new visual symbol and new area of documentary interest.

In the area of used commercial photography he cooperates with the publishing houses of social magazines and advertising agencies. He founded a brand Cash in the Heart, linking creative thinking and different approaches in commercial photography.

He finished bachelor studies at Institute of creative photography in Opava, where he studies now at master's degree study. He also teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design in the Photography Studio II, Applied Arts.


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