Aleš Novák

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Aleš Novák is a Renaissance man, painter, sculptor and architect, who graduated from UMPRUM in the Studio of Statue I led by Kurt Gebauer, Dominik Lang and Edit Jeřábková and as well Faculty of Architecture TU Liberec. This diversity of study experience completes the exceptional character of Aleš's artistic expression. At work, the author perceives different aspects of the same object, the canvas, or the space, and the created object is able to conceptually draw on more aspects than the aspects limited by the subject in which the subject is created.

The work of Aleš Novák - Aleš Novák always emphasizes the lightness of the form and the precision in creating the individual work. In addition to landscaping motifs bordering on the abstract form of speech, his work is permeated by calligraphic techniques and motifs. These themes or workflows blend in the work of Novak, whether it is an object or an image, and in the last few months it helps to abandon a dogmatically determined form to each medium.

Morphology of objects created by Aleš Novák is based on essence. The essence of individual shapes and colors. The works that grow under Aleš's hands, however, contain much more than just the perception or impression that the viewer permeates at the first sight of the work exhibited. In perceiving Novák's work, it is necessary to focus on the perception of the work repeatedly and more in depth.

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