Barbora Idesová

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Barbora Idesová is dedicated to free, editorial and commercial illustration. She likes when her work is also used on utility items, so they can delight a variety of people. Her work is influenced by nature, meditation, good friends and other creatures. Her work is often full of creatures of some sort of mythology. Goddesses, demigods, mythical creatures and forest beings with common human qualities. They appear in strangely familiar dream scenes full of symbols and decorative elements and revive not only our visions from childhood. 

Temple Of The Sun Goddess - Series of risographies
"In my last works, the theme is focused on the celebration of feminity. Women in my drawings are goddesses, fictitious mythological figures living their lives in dream churches, dealing with magical rituals, meditation, dancing, playing musical instruments, celebrating the sun or guarding their kingdom. In the Temple Of The Sun Goddess series I dreamed of a world where these women live under a powerful sun, freely, some in their human form and others in the form of cats or snakes, but mythic stories behind these illustrations are completely open to the viewer's interpretation and for everyone they can be quite different. "


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