Dagmar Lili Skřivánková

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*1991, Šternberk

Dagmar Lili Skřivánková (Lili Skylark) studied at the Secondary Art School in Ostrava in studio of Aleš Hudeček. She graduated from Faculty of Arts in Ostrava, studio of Jiří Surůvka with diploma thesis on topic "Germany - Czech history and present". She spent one semester in Latvia at Art Academy and also finished art residency in Dresden at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste. Currently she lives and works in Berlin. She sings in the band and loves exploitation B-horrors.

"Nazis, tanks, skin, gold, silver, blood, death, smell, smoke, chimney, sex, tits, dics, deformation, sarcasm, party, hangover, catharsis, bruise, pain, black, white, power, right, left , strength, reluctance, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, China, global. "

text: revueprostor.cz

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