Eliška Monsportová

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Eliška Monsportová currently studying Glass at the UMPRUM university in Prague.

"I enjoy doing sports, traveling, creating, learning, meeting new people and comunicating with them and constantly evolving myself. I succesfully ended my secondary education in ceramic design major and this is a reason why are applied shapes used mainly for the table department so close to my heart. Newly I am trying to combine multiple materials together. I am learning how to machine plenty new materials and refine glass various techniques. My dream is to make aesthetically attractive, clean, but used things. I am still seeking my way to loose objects. I am a very thoughtful person so when it comes to the loose thing it usually has a deeper meaning for me, which a viewer may or may not discover. Most of my time is spent in shop floors where I realize my projects. I love to sketch my surroundings so I can use it for my future designing. Process is very important for me, because I like to watch the changes of materials, forms, visuals as well as being a part of that process."


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