Eva Jaroňová

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Eva Jaroňová comes from Valašsko region in Czech Republic. She studied art teaching at Faculty of Education UJEP in Olomouc and Faculty of Arts in Brno. Here she studied in Environment studio lead by painter Vladimír Merta and MgA. Barbora Klímová. She also completed internships at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Iceland University of the Arts. 

She creates mostly illustrations, paintings, music and recently also textil design. Her work is published mostly in zines or as original graphics. She published author's book "Pest", which is made by experimental form of silk-screen printing and risography and contains a comics with the same name. Eva Jaroňová's illustrations are published for example in magazines Živel, Čilichilli, Artmap, FÚD, on the server Artalk, she also illustrates books for publishing house Tribun. Let's name her music projects as well: she plays in electro-pop projects ◊>≈ (PzH), No Fun at All in the House of Dolls and lo-fi punk trio Sitcom.

From the foreword of Zuzana Janečková for the book "Pest": "In her work she deals with the fight between good and evil, melancholic depressions, stress, phobia, different ways of dying, schizophrenia, apocalyptic visions. Her comics-like and drawing simplification uses black humour, but in their content reacts on important problems, like genetic mutation, social changes and related health issues of individuals."

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