Filip Nádvorník

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Over the past few years, Filip Nádvorník has created more sets of work on a range of topics that are gradually emerging in front of him. Already during his studies he impressed with his excellent drawing skills and approach to the subjects. The present form of Nádvorník's work grows from two basic sources of inspiration. The first, an interest in romantically adventurous, anthropological themes, seems to be increasingly enriched and transformed by others, admiring the various forms of robust modern painting. The descriptive form of the older works was replaced by a lapidary drawing manuscript, and in a series of successful experiments with color paste and imaginative composition, the synthetic and flexible painting language is clarified by a small step. Thematic and content coherence of author's testimony is related to the authenticity of his motivation. Interestingly focused on the image of the hero, the masculine ideal associated with the theme of struggle, hunting and sailing, typical of the author's earlier cycles, is an obvious reflection of a personal quest for an adequate form of male role. However artist, certainly for the sake of the thing, plays ironically with the traditional attributes of masculine dominance rather than worshiping them. Links to anthropological or adventurous themes give him space to play with the "boy" vision of bravery and prowess, but also an opportunity for nostalgic reflection and credibly existentially tuned gloss ...

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