Jakub Bachorík

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Jakub Bachorík comes from Prostějov, but most of his life he spent in small village Podolí u Mohelnice. From there he went to study at Ústí nad Orlicí, where he graduated from the Secondary school of Arts and Crafts. His next step was Studio of Illustration and Graphic art at UMPRUM in Prague where he studies until today. He creates mostly illustrations, with which he also works in his books, acrylic paintings and last but not least graphic art. He often makes lithography, sometimes linocuts and in recent years his illustrations have been projected into large-scale woodcuts. 

His illustrations and stories are full of his fantasies that have been following him the whole life. Jakub likes forgotten, unexplored worlds, sci-fi themes, beauty of technique, mystical scenes, but also the beauty of everyday routine - for example car workshop of old car mechanic in the village nearby, somewhere between woods and hills. All those beauties and factors affect his work and alltogether they create visuality of his illustrations.

In the last series of graphic prints, Jakub set out on an imaginary space journey to explore the colonization of the planet Mars, from which a number of large wood-cuts, cut with saw and milling cutter came into light. Discovering and exploring is typical for his work, as well as large formats and heavyweight machines that accompany his works from the old sketches.

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