Julius Reichel

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*1981, Kaplice

"You know, you are just a digital hitchhiker and this is a carpet raid."

Julius Reichel (1981) is characterized as a digital hitchhiker who manages to break through the practices and strategies with his manic energy. His paintings can be understood as an endless tape of digital ballast. It is an attempt to physically thicken and bend the media he works with. That is reflecting the information mud full of likes, followers and messages that sticks to us from all sides. However, Reichel does not criticizes, he uses the digital jungle is an infinite inspiration. He enjoys being overwhelmed with informations and in almost indigestible doses supplies us with new and new perceptions. His works are therefore created with the same speed and in breathtaking amount as the new Instagram photos are attacking us. Reichel's pattern / layer is an infinitely growing matter, where for a brief moment we always see his current approach, however, it is immediately covered by another / newer / more current / faster pattern or layer.

Julius Reichel graduated in 2017 from the Studio of Intermedial Confrontation led by Jiří David at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. On the Czech art scene, he exhibits (in the form of a heavy carpet raid) both on his own and within the Black Hole Generation group, including the painters David Krňanský, Martin (Maťko) Lukáč and Namor Ynrobyv (Roman Výborný). In 2016, BHG introduced its artistic manifesto called "BHG Pure Hate", which was a part of an exhibition in the Nevan Contempo Gallery and later released its newer version called 2.0 within the series of exhibitions called Krysí Díra.

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