Kateřina Dobroslava Drahošová

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Is a graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Ostrava University, where she studied in the Painting Studio of Daniel Balabán. With her thesis, she was nominated for the Award for European Art Academy Graduates StartPoint 2014. In year 2018 she was nominated to Critiques award for young painting. 

Kateřina is a storyteller in all senses. She interprets her own narratives and myths as well the ones she has collected on the way. She gently records all the perceived, and then guides us all over the places and its genius loci, among the people and their stories. Kateřina is continually inspired by natural world. She follows the native course of events, and focuses on her imagination, inner power and intuition. 
Strongly influenced by environmental philosophy (e.g. Gary Snyder) she seeks for the essential, for the permanent what is hidden between the lines, and tries to grasp the fragile line between the spiritual and material world. A line - sometimes delicate, sometimes rough - is a starting and a crucial point of her creation. A line which can divide, lead or reveal; a line which does not require linear neither chronological order, and which can be comprehended by everyone - in his own way.
What Kateřina creates is a complex transcription of her memory and its total all-embracing visualisation. To express and reinterpret it all, she uses combined wall installations as a main medium. It consists of drawings, artefacts or site-specific objects; several forms that work together as an environment, like her own mental map. 

text: Magdaléna Manderlová, www.katerinadobroslavadrahosova.com

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