Kateřina Ondrušková

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*1991, Uherske Hradiste

We often incorporate objects of animate and inanimate nature into our personal possessions, whether consciously or accidentally. Her travels in Jordan have led her to three thematic series. The SAD ROCK stone became the basic archetype for further exploration of organic shapes. I see the stone as a souvenir to be taken by a person, perhaps for good luck or to remind them of a place. The object of exploration is enriched with a memory map of ideas, making the stone lethally tattooed with inscriptions. These tell the feelings of the author's travels. Another significant image is MELTING. The emphasis on transience and randomness is rendered in a very tender and melancholic way. The images have a very intuitive feel. The viewer does not have to understand the whole composition by interpreting the individual elements. Instead, he is guided by the very draughtsmanship of the paintings, which forces the eye to trace individual strokes and perceive the atmosphere of the diary entries. Although the paintings may appear as complex ciphers, we can decipher the artist's feelings through abstracted emotions.

Text by Mgr. Karolína Juřicová

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