Kristýna Krutilová

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I am interested in the interconnection of the unit with the whole and the processes dependent on one another - in the sense of the functioning of the ecosystem, how the image code is created, from what realities it evolves. If there is something in the material world that works solely according to the presence of other elements (such as one loop in a knitted sweater that is useless if there aren't several other smooth and inverting things around, that create a real thing of coherent shape) yet, in the world of image / imagination, the extracted unit is functional and meaningful even without supporting elements. This character of painting interests me the most in my recent work. It is projected into entanglements, braided bread, entanglements, crossing, often even character-like shapes, tangled together, or otherwise interlocked. I perceive a world-wide need for strict selection and casting of a lot of things (and people) into narrow categories. The result is an eco-romantic view of the world for me, where pathetic is considered the pinnacle of awkwardness.

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