Lucie Mičíková

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Lucie Mičíková is a graduate of the Intermedia and Multimedia Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (Prof. Ilona Németh’s Studio „IN“). Her work straddles the line between lability and stability, between destruction and immutability. Her works are an interplay of materials based on creating often temporary objects, collages or scrimages. She works with architectural principles, which she implements in the form of drawings and spatial installation. Spontaneity and playful improvisation with the assembled materials are recast through layering and (ac)cumulation into fragile constructions – an environment somewhere on the fringes of the organic, crystalline and architectural. Architecture is conceived more broadly here, as a place-sanctuary, a localisation, the fixation of a place not only in terms of its spatial boarders but also in the sense of retrieving ephemeral phenomena such as memories, experiences and ideas. Lucie’s drawings – finely tectonic, fibrous structures – can be understood as the substantiation of a view of the world as a complicated, interwoven and structured whole. In her realisations (e.g. Milky River, 2016, When the Peaks of Our Sky Conect, My House Will Have a Roof, 2015, A House Freed from Its Floors, 2015 in cooperation with Zuzana Žabková), she undertakes spatial wall- drawings and frottages where architectural components are transformed into landscape compositions. The artworks begin to proliferate organically. The poetics of the material expands and fills in the gaps in the space.

Text: Ján Kralovič

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