Lukáš Kováčik

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*1988, Nitra

Lukáš Kováčik is a graduate of František Kowolowski's Painting II studio at the Faculty of Arts in Ostrava. He also studied aesthetics at the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University in Bratislava. He currently lives and works in Olomouc. He is engaged in painting and collage.

His artistic language of painting refers broadly to the chaotic origins of the scientific model, which for him is a space of psychedelic imagination. With an intersubjective gaze, he seeks the motif of the revelation of nature. He combines the expressive depiction of the infinity of the growth, exuberance and overgrowth of shapes, parts of the organic landscape, in the principle of indeterminacy with his own ideas about the fundamental creation of matter, where the painterly matter finds its way in the imaginative spaces of the pictorial surface of the painting itself. Such abstract form is inexhaustible, as is the variability of living form.

In his collages, he creates landscapes, dwellings and places, where these places become a kind of futuristic memento of his relationship to the landscape through the revelation of its surface and the exploration of the (proto-)history of the planet (the extraction of raw materials, the richness of the land, the natural structures). The collages have an open composition, freely transitioning between meanings with surreal imagery, but without dreaminess, pointing to contemporary ecological problems and conditions.


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