Marek Matuštík

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Marek Matuštík was born in 1972 in the north-eastern corner of the Czech Republic in Karviná. Although his father is a passionate photographer who used to spend most of his spare time photographing local events, weddings, schools, and of course his children, Marek got into photography when he was 23 years old. At that time he took his first serious pictures with cheap plastic compact camera. A few months later he bought his first DSLR camera (analogue Canon EOS 5) and his way with photography started. Probably as everyone, at the beginning he was taking pictures of everything around him - from countryside and still life to portraits. With time, he started to do subjective document, which is dominant in his work now.

Currently is Marek finishing his bachelor studies at Institute of creative photography at Silesian University in Opava. He had exhibited his works for example within Czech Press Photo, Prague Photo, Photography month in Bratislava, Blatenský fotofestival or Refraction Gallery in Wisconsin. His work was also published in magazines Foto, Lidové noviny, chines magazien Fellow Traveller or on-line magazine Edge of Humanity. The serie Unspoken Games was nominated to Czech Press Photo 2016 in category Lifestyle and is also a part of a author's book with the same name published 2017.

Marek lives close to Prague and works in it's centre.

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