Patrik Kriššák

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*1986, Kežmarok

Patrik Kriššák graduated in 2011 from Studio of Painting I. by prof. Daniel Balabán at University of Ostrava. Since 2011 he has been living and working in Prague. 2011 he was nominated for Austrian prize STRABAG Art Award, in Czech Republic to Start Point Prize 2011 and Prize of Critics for young painting in 2012. 2015 he exhibited at prestigious exhibition Young space Zlín. He also underwent an art residence A.i.R. Wroclaw in 2016.

Kriššák's work has an experimental character, his technique is among non-brush techniques and develops modernist traditions that began in America in 60th, as well it develops current trends influenced by information technology and new media. He has an easily recognizable style, which refers to, so called,  "post digital age" in the sense of computer experience and it's graphic programmes available on any mobile device.

Painting is based on contact with material. He is painting with jars filled with colours, which he after turns over to the canvas, where a color trace is produced by a stroke. This technique prefigures a minimalist character and focuses, within the abstract compositions, on the gesture itself. In his work, we can find different genres such as portraits, abstract automatism focused on color exploration, or individual "still life" in the form of animals, or plants in flowerpots convicted to human company.



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