Pavla Malinová

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Pavla Malinová (* 1985, Vsetín) is one of the most distinguished graduates from the Faculty of Arts in Ostrava. During her studies, she did not only devote her time to painting, but also shot movies and performed in a band called Like She. However, after finishing her education in the painting studio of František Kowolowski in 2011, painting became the main medium for her work.

The paintings of Pavla Malinová are full of double meanings, ambiguities and visual tricks in which, behind more pronounced and easily readable motives (such as are lately key holes), hide, peer out and mirror other motives that are not so easily decipherable. However, those are exactly the ones that stimulate the journey of finding the final meaning, even though it might not be present or found. Therefore, the first motive acts as an initiator, allowing for the beginning of the work with paint as a primary substance. The author is moulding and transforming it in different ways. Malinova examines its impasto, structure, or density so that in the end it allows for the work of light. In places it shines mysteriously from the canvas, in others it blinks like neon lights, or disappears completely and drowns in the many layers of the relief. Malina, as the artist is called, uses in these opposing and opposite "material" accumulations and intersecting painting signatures often the motif of a destroyed or otherwise loosened visual composition, in which the traditional box-like concept of the image composition changes into the cumulation of overlapping windows that as a whole resemble a virtual circle of labyrinths full of view-throughs, hints and quick connections that enhance the tracked ambiguity and incomprehension through the constant combinations of abstract and figurative motifs. The round robust gravity of the figures depicted (perhaps worshipers, maybe icons) blends together with the almost esoterically rambling abstract picturesque and the accumulation of references to the various painting codes and traditions ranging from Modernism through arte power to insitutive and medium visual recordings. That is the reason why Pavla Malin's paintings act as a hybrid, a captivating visual cocktail, working as an unreliable harbinger of the extreme visual discontinuity of our present.

Text: Martin Mikolášek

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