Pavlína Kvita

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*1988, Valasske Mezirici

The claim that the sun orbits the earth and that this planet is the centre and only world has been buried by forgotten history. The sculptor Pavlína Kvita may not be a pioneering astronomer, but she is in fact also busting myths about our universe. This is due to her tiny objects, fabricated microworlds that disrupt the occasional dullness of the One we have enclosed ourselves in. These model worlds, seemingly moving through space, distract from the all-encompassing everyday and awaken the courage to venture into our own imagination, into places without clear boundaries. The objects of this frozen movement in time invite thoughts of the expected calm before the apocalyptic storm, as if they personified the tiny sheets of saved civilizations. Another set of captured records consists of works in the form of abstract-urban fossils that might be found in the distant future. Architectural fragments of the present and the future provide an opportunity for reflection on the notion of suburban cities and architecture as a whole. The complex relationships between space and architecture may have seemed, from time immemorial, to be only a matter for the chosen few who shaped the surrounding urban landscape for us.

Text, Martina Raclavská 2016

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