Radim Dibdiak

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*1983, Kyjov

"I don't like it when somebody claims to be" Brno "… Radim Dibdiak is a kind of Brno in a way, since the beginning of his work he has been capturing not only the changes of the city, but especially the faces, states and" moments "that continue in time However, as we like to watch "our" past, captured by Radim, as if only one night or a second has passed, his photograph always captures the atmosphere and all the added authoring that can be recognized in any picture. I very much like his casual camera hold and some kind of flash when someone in the subconscious says, uh, a snapshot of the sea of ​​snapshots, but that's not how the author does just a few shots and eventually is able to create an exhibition where each and every one breathes And he will appeal to everybody differently, which will be done by a few people! say that even without the opportunity to record the situation, the state, the atmosphere, just when your camera is not with you, it is worth listening, listening, or even arguing with him. But honestly - have you ever seen this man without his "eye" that fills us all and his surely ... Radim Dibdiak is currently well aware of where his photographic steps are heading and it is a pleasure to watch him in his artistic and human testimony "Thrives!"

author of the text: Richard Vetchý Wetcháč in Brno 2019

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