Radoslav Bigoš

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*1987, Ostrava

Fragility, irony, rawness, overlap, joke. These are the variables we could associate with the timeless work of Radoslav Bigoš. However, if we know his work more intensely, we begin to perceive their depth and intimacy. It seeps on us, as does the color over the layers of material on its impressive canvases. Elsewhere he comes out almost of a dream, like a colored imprint scrubbed up to the initial moment of painting, to dissolve as well as watercolor.

Text-enriched painting does not necessarily have to be readable from the beginning, it can only stand here as a witness, like a page taken out of the diary. Therefore, it is not only the point of view here, as usual, but above all our participation and the degree of openness of our mind. There is a very thin line between writing and drawing, if there is any boundary to talk about. It is these liberated lines that link Radoslav Bigoš's work not only with this exhibition, but with his entire work.

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