Renata Machýčková

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*1988, Valasske Mezirici

“The work of Renata Machýčková is deeply concerned with the moment of fragility and vulnerability. Most of her recent works use delicate materials like wax and paper. Even that her origins lie in medium of painting, we can understand these realizations also in context of spatial relationships. And that’s true not only in some abstract meaning (how we can suppose at the first sight). Smooth layers of wax or paper are reshaped by delicate cuts using a scalpel. These materials often associate haptic feelings, like when we are browsing the book or touching the candle. They are surfaces which can remind as also our own skin, both in bit different way. Cutting through them by tiny moves of scalpel is in some way mentally hurting. With these connotations is work of Renata Machýčková very physical and based on our associative relationship between physical and mental pain.“ [Viktor Čech]


In Italy where I live now, my work is much steeper and I have a more concentrated rhythm. Work on paper takes place in a common living room, that I adapt to a normal family regime. Space is fundamental to me and in my case it determines the development and the theme of the image.

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