Tereza Lišková

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*1995, Znojmo

Tereza Lišková studied illustration in Brno led by Pavel Dvorský and painting in Vladimír Skrepl's studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Her work is influenced by surrealists such as Max Ernst, René Margritte and especially the Prague-born Toyen. However, rather than the history of art, the artist is inspired by her own everyday experiences. Through painting, she gives way to memories that freely associate and at the same time, through the influence of thought flows and each brushstroke, transform into something completely new even for the artist herself. The more distant the memory is, the more obscure its contours are, but the more valid it is within the collective unconscious. We as viewers are thus revealed a colourful world full of childhood games, mysterious characters and subtle hints of the dark corners of the soul. The artist's ability to blend fantasy worlds with reality and subliminal symbols gives rise to a completely authentic body of work that can have a very powerful effect on an art-savvy, but also completely uninitiated audience.

Text, MgA. Elsa Rauerová

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