Tomáš Mitura

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Tomáš Mitura graduated from Studio of Painting IV. at Academy of fine arts in Prague. He is concerned not only with painting, but also illustration, graphic arts and music (he is a frontman in noise-punk band Vole). He is also into tattoo and together with Štěpán Marek they made in 2017 a book about tattoing outside salons, which is called "Poke poke poke".

His work is full of links to different historical periods - from Middle Ages to Avant-garde of 20th century. Traditional motive of still life is in his work combined with distinct colours, crooked signs and textured layers of oil colours, which altogether create restless and decadent signature. Broader meaning is added by seemingly conspicuous details which bring biting notest to contemporary themes. Except painting he also creates music posters or album covers. Work of Tomáš Mitura flows freely through many media and genres, but altogether his work creates one recognizable whole.

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