Vojtěch Kovařík

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*1993, Valašské Meziříčí

"...In the latest paintings by Vojtěch Kovařík he treats the fighters as pagan deities, giving them all the dignity they deserve to be depicted with. Although captured in a dramatic moment, they somehow resemble classical sculptures. They have been stopped in the middle of a movement. Kovařík puts deep shadows on their voluminous bodies of unnatural incarnates. Set in rather abstract surroundings, represented by a mere symbol, all the attention is attracted to the idols. Regardless of their prominent musculature, they often give the impression of being melancholic, as if they were forced to fight, to attack, to perform. In Kovařík's earlier paintings, the characters were pictured as anonymous silhouettes, reminding a shadow puppetry performance of a myth. Instead of a sombre (whilst still violent) wrestler, dominating their sketchy environment, the human shapes co-create the environment by simply standing or moving, equal to every other element of the tableau..." - Kindheit (Viena), Die Schöne Gallery, 2018



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