Zhanna Tuz

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Illustrator Zhanna Tuz, which also uses pseudonym Diesneigh (original name Natalia Alekseeva) is devoted to drawing since 2013. She comes from Moscow where she studied Fashion Design between years 2009-2014. Since 2016 she studies at Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague in Atelier of illustration and graphic design. 

Her work is well recognizable, full of fantastic worlds with witches, magical creatures and symbolism. Typical are surfaces colored with bright-coloured crayons, which work well with unusual compositions capturing mystical places beyond borders of our perception. Surreal stories and characters are set in background without gravity and rules, which we know from our world, so they can intensively appeal to human imagination.

Author is often inspired by watching various movies, for ex. about magicians, but her work includes also references to Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome art, also to old russian iconography. She says about her work: "“Ultimately, I want to represent the symbols and influences that shape the world. By removing recognisable contexts, clothes and scenes of everyday life, I wanted to be left solely with the essence of a person rather than the actual person themselves.” (from interview for server itsnicethat.com)

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