Artwork Circle / Ring M 52-53 main picture
Artwork Circle / Ring M 52-53 other picture
Artwork Circle / Ring M 52-53 other picture

NLMT Design

Circle / Ring M 52-53


1 x 1 cm

Circle Jewelry Collection vs. Raw Circle is inspired by the actual making of the circle.


We recommend cleaning with a silver product, such as Aurex

Silver, Ag 925/1000

size: MEDIUM 52-53

1 450 Kč

Delivery within 10 days for Czech Republic.

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NLMT Design

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Miroslava Licha graduated from the Technical University in Zvolen, where she was focused on furniture and interior design. After she studied Master's studies at the Faculty of Architecture STU in Bratislava. However, the jewelery design has become her real passion.
"In the creation of jewelery, I use the principles of work of an interior designer, what is the functionality, aesthetics and the timelessness of the materials connected with current trends. Core of my work is based in geometrical forms recreated into an cold, metal architecture. I am strongly focused on visual aspects of the jewelery, simplicity and purity of the form. I let myself be inspired by the character of the material and the way of working with it."

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